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Ideal for your busy restaurant to add that look of elegance to match your food and service. We will brand to your branding also. The HalianTM Post Sign System has been developed to effectively create a sign that not only looks good but will last with almost no maintenance requirements. It consists of specially extruded reinforced HalianTM Posts made from PVCu. These posts together with specially adapted Horizontal rails also made from PVCu (applies to the classic range) from the basis of the HalianTM Post Frame System.

Added to the above are metal composite panels front and back where the  printed graphics can be superimposed front and back if required to the client’s requirements.

A good sign is an indication of good taste and this is very important for a restaurant. Restaurant signs tell a lot about the establishment.

Currently the HalianTM Post System consists of:

Within each range the signs are offered in different post height and varying print areas.

Fixation options for erection into the ground are surprisingly simple and in some cases will only take minutes to erect.

See our Installation Guides for further information.

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